The Pan Jinlian that is blamed wrongly, be historical culture what kind of portraiture?

I feel Pan Jinlian should be worth to be sympathized with. Why so say?

Respecting this, must say love, it is a complex thing really.

Divine arrow of Cupid often indescribable quiver of two men and womens. Your affection I wish, male joyous female love, it is the favour of everyone is happy admittedly. But, often providential lane person, the person that you love does not love me, you do not love the person that loves you however.

Love hate is reading aloud only, originally the love of infinite happiness gives birth to the hate with haemorrhage full of stains or spots mark extremely easily however. Love has many deep, hate has how old. Once love to get asymmetry heart to one's liking, often can hate shockingly.

Heart road course of Pan Jinlian very agree with this logic. I do not believe absolutely, pan Jinlian is inherent the woman that is a lubricity, it is an alluring woman that kills a person, it is female disaster water.

With all and normal woman, she also yearns for a good love, longing has a man that is worth his to love. Unfortunate is, with a lot of women, the road of her love is illogical free, be full of twist however, bestrew bramble. She goes very hard.

Pan Jinlian is the abigail of other people of a large family originally, because grow,get part good looks, by male host (allegedly this male host calls magnify door, for the moment such appellation) take a fancy to, want accept to be small concubine. If Pan Jinlian is periphery daughter really, completely OK magnify of agree of glibly of ground of very pleased with oneself door.

Apparent, this magnify door is weathy, or also dare not call " large family " .

Doesn't the woman like rich man namely? Alleged love of big money everyone, no matter this big money grows how pig head, whether is the age often appeared, more need not dispute has real love.

However, pan Jinlian did not agree. As " red Lou Meng " an affectionate couple in rejects old goat merchant condone is same, she absolutelies refuse to rather from, not hesitate for this whereaboutldirection magnify door first wife reports. Magnify door lifetime is angry, consequence is very serious.

To retaliate Pan Jinlian, magnify door sent place's the the ugliest, dirtiest, most incompetent man Wudalang her, what the Hu San's woman that this and river of the Song Dynasty are like appearance a beauty sends deformed and clinking Wang Ying to have different in approach but equally satisfactory in result really is clever.

Why is Pan Jinlian willing does magnify door do concubine? So frame-up and OK draw near big money, go up too the life that jade of bright and beautiful garment feeds?

Because Pan Jinlian is not periphery daughter, she does not think with respect to such humiliate oneself, she also wants to look for a man that she likes, the husband and wife with go up normal too lives. She is not willing shamelessly seek personal gain, chase after raw meat or fish to chase smelly, she also longs to loving purely as most woman, free land is living, she also is having the good will that all good women have.

Before long, we are such people. Regrettablly ah! Going, some people degenerated, entered the water, feel even oneself he is disgusting.

Pan Jinlian is done not have such, be in at least before be being rejected by Wu Song, her heart is high all the time, pure, inviolable. Perhaps say, she also is the woman that a rational considers to have pursuit.

Ideal is very plump, reality very bone feeling. Pan Jinlian paid heavy price for his ideal, was sent a the most disgusting man Wu Dalang. Pan Jinlian likes Wudalang without any reason of course, do not think at ordinary times even soon he is one.

But, the destiny lets her marry a such men however, "Courser is carried on the back however crazy Chinese go, united States wife often accompanies clumsy husband Mian " , resemble " boast swims on the west " in spring 30 women were married pig 8 drop are same. That is painful, should have many deep! Alas, ill woman.

To Pan Jinlian, living it is a kind of torment. Be inferior to flat died, died ability is clean. However, dead, easier said than done? Proper and green time, how meeting easily is character dead?

Pan Jinlian not reconciled to, she still has one silk is fluky, a hope, hope one day the destiny appears a favourable turn. A day when autumn wind rises suddenly, wu Dalang is taking a man to come to Pan Jinlian before, pan Jinlian immediately the eye shines, deathlied stillness old heart floats suddenly alive again rise.

This individual, it is Wu Song, jin Sheng sighs a medium deity, byname " ternary Liu Dehua " , the highest grade in the man. Also have such man only, just be the man that is worth Pan Jinlian to love to ache.

Someone says, pan Jinlian is loose to fierce, it is the longing on the body only purely, actually otherwise. Pan Jinlian likes Wu Song sincerely. She calls Wudalang to get together food and drink at the same time, enthusiastic xenial Wu Song, ground of one side too impatient to wait inquire after sb's health.

Say when pine audition fierce, she all over the face grouchy, say how this goes! We am not to do not have the home, move at once excellent in come! Pan Jinlian is this for carry on a clandestine love affair go to the lavatory? Either, like a person, hope of course his live well a few, hope to be able to see him everyday of course.

After Wu Song is moved, pan Jinlian one big early working to hit the water that wash a face to him, get together meal. Such superabundant in January, no matter fierce loosens to come off work much later, pan Jinlian has hand and foot good meal, from without laches.

That affable meaning, if do not have love composition, is she done come? Love a person truly only, ability can be willing to be paid for it, ability can cook to him every day, be like vassal and general lackey he.

Pan Jinlian is to like Wu Song really, this is the longing on the body not just, more invigorative go up be in love with. Those who make a person regretful is, the love that Pan Jinlian has pity on this did not pay off. From this, can say what be sympathized with to Pan Jinlian is worth while!

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