The strawberry that dew ground cultivates blossommed, can you deny transplant to sell when miniascap

The occurrence of potted strawberry, can see strawberry confuses the endearment to strawberry degree. In impression of a lot of people, allude strawberry is to be in big canopy, or in outdoor cropland, and strawberry is picked and basic now became great master one when spring outing go for a walk in the country in spring needs some link, there is a child in the home especially.

Can say almost, all dot like to eat strawberry. This is aimed at such phenomenon just about, when cultivating big canopy strawberry before a few years, I bought a few flowerpot designedly, cultivated a few potted strawberry, try potted strawberry whether somebody is accepted. Because winter air temperature is low,do not pass, so I am put inside big canopy all the time, did not take sale. Because the strawberry below microtherm cannot blossom and bear fruit at all, can be frozen to death even.

What say to be like a problem, the strawberry that open air has blossommed, whether does transplant sell when miniascape in the basin?

The result is certain possible! The strawberry seedling that open air has blossommed, explain local air temperature has suited the growth of strawberry. General at that time outside air temperature is in 25 Celsius above, do not have strawberry seedling transplant to problem of flowerpot a bit at that time. Can admire strawberry to sit later so if really, gains turns by blueness slowly white, again erubescent, final beauty eats fruit beautifully, do this view later period government?

Here cultivates a few experience of strawberry according to myself, signal the drop of a few attentions of potted strawberry:

One, of potted strawberry base earth. Base earthy choice, not difficult also, the beautiful mud that suits miniascape is OK, main point is inattentive and fecund, connect it is good to appear a gender. The soil that must not harden easily, harden soil does not grow from strawberry root system.

2, the position of strawberry grow. To the strawberry seedling that has blossommed, can know to hang the position of fruit. When grow arrives inside flowerpot, approach abloom way flowerpot brim as far as possible, in order to go to the lavatory later strawberry suspension is on flowerpot edge. The reason has two, below weather of outdoor high temperature, the strawberry fructification of pensile condition, maintain fructification appearance from beginning to end dry and clean, such not easy sicken are sodden if really. 2, pensile fruit, as miniascape more beautiful.

If choose flowerpot is bigger, after grow of keep to the side, across sky falls when those who fall is not good-looking, can be in across also such grow seedling of strawberry of one individual plant. Should assure to there still are a few spaces between two strawberry seedling nevertheless, avoid to be apart from too close and sicken. Grow when, it is good that soil just covers strawberry root system covers strawberry root system, hit Laoxie in order to go to the lavatory later.

3, flower pollination. Blossommed, want a result, still must first pollination just goes, and as potted strawberry, place commonly indoors or over high-rise. Have the possibility of insect pollination hardly, need artificial pollination to just go so. Although can feel distressed, but for the result, still should pick some of flower to undertake pollination. If live all round can have the insect that flutter, that is better. Need to move potted strawberry only outdoor, it is good to rely on gnat pollination.

4, hit Laoxie. Strawberry seedling is in ceaseless growth when, old Xiehui is gradually withered and yellow. Want to clear in time to such leaf, avoid bacteria and insect cause. Play old leaf trick, help a young plant single-handed, catch old Xie Jie single-handed, press downward pressure, laoxie can fall off. When hitting Laoxie, must notice to cannot be pulled used whole young animal.

5, water fertilizer manages. Florescence is little water, sit fruit period is irrigated more appropriately, expand period, urine is irrigated frequently. Accomplish a watch to work commonly inside wet, 5 days or so irrigate water. Water direct fill root, do not let there is water above plant. If basin earth is compared,the individual feels fecund, later period need not continue to fertilize. If need fertilization, so with respect to employ a few potassium sulfate are compound fat.

6, fructification management. Why can here undertake administrative to fructification, basically be a consideration weather is torrid, all sorts of insect are more, a bit carelessly, strawberry is bitten to rot by small insect if really. Did not use with medicine, the thing that oneself have, use less as far as possible. Undertake covering to fructification bag is insect-resistant, so simple and beautiful. If bug is not had inside house, that is better.

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