What is this kind of plant?

Hello, I am little younger sister. What is this kind of plant? Through the problem advocate we can see provides picture its branch and lamina special like orchid, but the flower that leave differs with orchid again. This cultivates what we weigh matter to be harships orchid, pass in wet namely hind, can open the flowers plant that gives special beauty, so this cultivates harships orchid content, how should we undertake conserve?

Harships orchid conserve of this kind of plant rises very simple, asking to the environment normally is not very strict, maintain soil wet this, it is OK to should notice. Put it between sunny environment at ordinary times, be helpful for blade undertaking photosynthesis, the nutrient with continue certain at the same time can is the following blossom store energy.

The likelihood has a few friends to see Fang Yulan, thinking is us at ordinary times the asphodel of conserve. But have a bit different, we can choose when undertaking cultivating the 3rd, potted perhaps two kinds of forms. This kind of plant is in conserve when also need not bring to bear on fertilizer, particularly good really blossom, it is especially after rain. But florescence of this kind of plant is shorter, can open a 2~3 season only, but abloom frequency is exceedingly much however.

The beautiful words of harships orchid is firm, do not be afraid of a setback, face difficulty bravely, so everybody is in conserve he when, also be a kind active up state of mind, encourage us to be brave in to span to the difficulty among the life. If everybody likes harships orchid, can try conserve oh.

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