Sudden crank, who is the player with NBA12 the strongest any of the twelve animals?

[self-invited, according to the convention, advocate peace to the problem first it is good that everybody sees Guan Wensheng! ]

Is NBA12 any of the twelve animals the strongest player? This skill " match well of Chinese and Western " those who play is beautiful!

Nevertheless, general component is this problem two kinds of circumstances:

One of, with 12 any of the twelve animalses the feature is a standard, consult the characteristic of NBA player matchs to it;

Secondly, it is direct eduction 12 any of the twelve animalses belong to the strongest star of the photograph each!

Consult problem advocate the word in problem description, problem advocate ask should be latter!

Claver is not much appraise, cut subject!

Rat straps Braun Zhanmusi 1984.12.30

Of 12 any of the twelve animalses " the old " belong to, does occurrence giant star name still hold out much: really? Move  lives  walks on  of a low bank of earth between fields of Ci of  of  of caving  ⑼ to catch? of bandit of material of  curtain ⒄ . .

Consider repeatedly, falling or belong to the strongest rat in him heart photograph player gave Lebulang Zhanmusi, this active service " the first person " !

Falling to judge Lebulang for the strongest, data get victory!

Bovine merchant Sen Kyd 1973.3.23

Leaving one of two when like most rear guard controlling a ball, accuse a Great Master supereminently!

Nash of · of husband of tiger history the base of a fruit 1974.2.7

Although professional career never encroach on total champion, but this is not cloggy " of wind child " great!

Want in those days that sun team that Nash guides in phoenix castellan, of sweep that hit tornado quickly, still let many fan take delight in talking about up to now!

Belong to in this on the photograph, still have great John Situoke grandson, " big O " Oscar · Luobaitesen, " glider " Deleikesile. . .

Jordan of · of hare Michael Er 1963.2.17

Never mind is good say, where of Michael Er · has your · Jordan can not be to say just!

Basket altar " old rogue " the usurpation of firmly is worn the No.1 of the NBA pop chart of major genre.

Just regrettablly same belong to the Carl Ma of the photograph flourishing, Barkley, Ai Fusen waits dragon, Aolazhu a moment one numerous star!

Deng Ken of · of Long Di Mu 1976.4.25

Do not look " Shi Fo " wooden Mu Ai is slow-witted when playing a ball game, held however belong to medium most " dazzling " a!

The history is the biggest forward, is the platoon in should do not have illness the most by force?

Still have Hekai of Jianeite, Du Lan spy in addition name of Er spy person cuts gram and Sidifen Kuli in old Ha Fu also is this is belonged to!

The snake defends · Robin to inferior greatly 1965.8.6

Go up century " 4 large center " one of, also ever was spur after all " n/COL the head of a family person " !

Ascend elder brother to cheer, become a snake to belong to the n/COL the head of a family person of the photograph at an early date!

Makebi Bulaiente 1978.8.23

Short of " old rogue " , division comparing is in all sorts of pop chart or can one relatively of on any account!

"Hei Man cling to " not be a snake, however an a horse that covers a thousand li a day!

Oh right, germany " old driver " also belong to a horse!

The sheep is Mosaic · Ma Long 1955.3.23

The first high school gives birth to a player!

Must cent and total bank number all list NBAtop10!

Backboard of the field before can be being grabbed especially, backboard of the field before only field is highest is counted (21) and always before field backboard is counted (6731) all be NBA history the first!

Monkey pulls Li Byrd 1956.12.7

The white man player with NBA the greatest history?

Chicken Aierwen Haiyesi 1945.11.17

It is a character of antediluvian times, it is the person that cent of must of career of a profession and total backboard all list pop chart Top10!

The dog pulls Er of a place of strategic importance than Er · 1934.2.12

It is the ring on NBA history after all king, it is the namer of FMVP pot after all!

Although falling to want to give Wei moral character very much,belong to for this the photograph is the strongest, but esteem, still give Lasaier!

"French old racing bike " handkerchief gram, also be this is belonged to, of that pathos that still has lake person " Bei Le as form of a address for an official or rich man " !

& of pig merchant Ba Er makes an appointment with writing to inferior

The Gubaer that was born on April 16, 1947 makes an appointment with writing to inferior with what was born on August 14, 1959, the age that differred one round, started person of 80 time lake together " Show Time " !

Lot, put them together!

Character, if have incorrect, still ask excuse me!

Xing Qi joins your your opinion, feel honor!

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