Liu Hunan response and bark arrange amative talk: "Deliver poisonous pledge to the day, do not have

On August 8, in the match that stands in Jinan of natant world cup, the result that Hunan of Liu of female role of Chinese natant husband records with defeating a sports meet carried off the gold of 50 meters of backstroke. Liu Xiang is alive bright and beautiful contest folds halberd after semifinal of 50 meters of crawl, many days 10 short remain a woman with respect to card him palpability the first person of world of 50 meters of backstroke.

Nevertheless, on August 7 (the seventh evening of the seventh moon of the traditional Chinese calendar) , liu Xiang still had a news to also cause vermicelli made from bean starch people attention.

That is in China namely when team collective trains, the Wang Shun inside the Liu Hunan Xiang Yongchi that stands on the bank greets sb, wang Shun swam, extended hand and Liu Xiang to pull one helper! The teammate on the side jeers the Xiang Wangshun like sprinkles water, yu Haiyang installs Xu Jia to also stretch his hand to Liu Xiang, bashful expression is shown on Liu Hunan face.

Liu Xiang and Wang Shun pull a hand when numerous sweetness! And be in section of the seventh evening of the seventh moon this day! This aroused the interest of masses eating melon at a draught, is this the evidence that two people love in Tan Lian?

If be common teammate,concern ordinarily, need to hit an accost simply to go only, not was necessary completely to pull one helper technically. The relation scarcely with Liu Xiang and so suitable bark is general.

This is not two people first time comes out ambiguous news. In go out for a battle world bright and beautiful is surpassed before, wang Shun ever nodded assist to comment on small gain of Liu Xiang. During world bright and beautiful is surpassed, wang Shun sits on bleachers to watch Liu Xiang's game for many times, eyes midstream is shown warm warm love.

Nevertheless Liu Hunan front responded to oneself and the hearsay that bark suitable Tan Lian loves yesterday, she used 9 words to break those who eat melon masses to read aloud want: "Deliver poisonous pledge to the day, do not have some things! Do not have some things!!

Good, this response is quite firm, deliver poisonous pledge.

The Yan Zhi that Liu Xiang is Chinese natant team takes on, have the name of natant goddess. And Wang Shun also is old handsome young man, the Jin Tongyu that netizens say to two people are Chinese natant team female, very suit, have the feeling of photograph of bit of husband and wife even. Masses eating melon wants to see two people deliver in syrup very much, if two people can be together,will be Chinese sport associate of family dependant of another pair of immortals.

Although Liu Xiang is denied stoutly, but the netizen that a few know psychology expresses however: Although two people do not have amative phase, but at least now already each other has good opinion. Wang Shun should be to chasing after Liu Xiang, liu Xiang also does not repel bark is arranged, but still be in hesitation. So two people can show ambiguous sense now and then, but the sort of feeling that is not a lover.

And language is too sedulous if Liu Xiang is responded to, "The oath that send poison " this word appears too strongly instead the more what one tries to hide, explaining two people are affirmative now is not common concern.

So, we give Liu Xiang and Wang Shun a few spaces, let them continue to develop, waiting for their sweet message!

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