Zhang Man source is deadly mouth by accident! Special the pace signs date, say Lin Shuhao wore a sui

The Zhang Man source of beautiful sex appeal, made special not beautiful mistake! Let Lin Shuhao and sponsor be rendered speechless, awkwardness comes extremely!

The gate of NBA free market has opened many days 40, dan Linshu a person of extraordinary powers did not find new boss up to now! Nevertheless, lin Shuhao greeted happy event yesterday, he won a contract that 3 years total prices is worth 7.5 million dollar! Who gives this contract? Special pace! Also be the first fashionable motion brand of domestic! This, the autograph makes an appointment with Lin Shuhao, also be march formally basketball domain! What can not think of is, this one pace has not been stridden formally, by CCTV belle advocate sow Zhang Man source mouth by accident hole became miserable! Authority is not new to Zhang Man source, the NBA forefront of CCTV, basketball park, and of NBA star meet meeting, we see her figure via regular meeting! Be graduated from medium of sports of Beijing sports college is, figure sex appeal, appearance beauty, smile is melting! In eyes of a lot of NBA vermicelli made from bean starch, she is the existence of goddess level! Can be in last night, special on the news briefing that pace autograph makes an appointment with Lin Shuhao, she is in the process that covers Lin Shuhao, will appear on serious mouth by accident, "We can see, book a person of extraordinary powers wore a suit how to step... " although, subsequently she corrects rapidly, dissolve awkwardness with the smile, but very apparent, this error is too serious, the face of wave of manager fourth water of estimation spy pace is black!

Small gain is interactive again mouth by accident, say Lin Shuhao goes NBA deserves to brush a floor only, excuse believes language disorder, sent cutout, final rile netizen, gather up the black history that gives her!

After the news briefing ends, zhang Man source is basked in on his small gain gave the spot picture that day, matched a few the character of energy and the blessing to book a person of extraordinary powers! Apparent, the mouth that she does not have pair of news briefings by accident too care about, also did not affect her mood! In with vermicelli made from bean starch " one of Zhang Man source confuses younger brother " in interactive process, she provokes numerous anger again! Confuse younger brother to ask " elder brother of a person of extraordinary powers, be worth contract of a NBA, right, source elder brother! " Zhang Man source did not think, immediate response " go brushing a floor? " ! This small gain and comment by netizen insanity transmit, provoked numerous anger! Zhang Man source realizes the seriousness of the problem eventually, in the evening at 11 o'clock, the mouth that she sends long small gain to say she goes up in the news briefing by accident, it is the mistake with professional the biggest career, and a person of extraordinary powers of excuse forest book and special pace, right still " let Lin Shuhao brush a floor " this reply make a response, say oneself were misreaded, the contract of a NBA that thinks the netizen says she matchs by accident... anyhow, what that small gain writes is very random, also do not have too much sincerity very much! Subsequently, zhang Man source was deleted! But the thing is not late still, powerful netizen gathers up gave her so called one Duan Hei history, in those days tiger of be a guest attacks when the net accepts a netizen to quiz, of her call a spade a spade say: ? Is Jia of  of ㄇ of hoarse of dam raw meat or fish depended on spring pray of Guan of paddy of fourth those of spurt of ∈ of triangular bream of Xing Huan of brandish of curb of  of Yu of grandma of rapid pry n/HONNing be unworthy of the honor does herd of Jian of large of bud of Hong of male of dust  adept make fun of  have illicit relations with does pry of phlogistic pump agreement drought having enough make fun of  Xi fade to go Mian lament is 4? Still have a bit, need reminds everybody, zhang Man source installs the spokesman that step namely originally, she once still was in direct seeding spot and famous net are red " cruel the trailing plants Li that go " had promoted the sprotswear that how steps together! Sum up: ? Settleclear Nuo of Qu of brandish of  of   sword takes  of bad younger sister of  Song Cui to make fun of Nuo of contraction of  brandish travel dispatch of Mu Lan slash  calls out  of ox of formic noise of Xin Lan slash ∥ to be afraid that  Cong E tenders horny ┰ agent pledges principle columns of a hall bilks Rong of Mu ⒉ thistle rare, also be to see an eye really! I am willing to believe, these two the mouth is her by accident lift involuntarily! But must think great to this beauty says, be an upright person work can a bit more professional, if you want to rely on a face to have a meal, barring without the person you, but chair professionally as, must him not let sb down profession, chair a news briefing, took the money of family spy pace, still be in what how that steps readily, true too not should! Do you feel?

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