Do you feel Liu Dehua's film " break Gu " good-looking? How do you evaluate this film?

My viewpoint is: Of Liu Dehua " break Gu " the feeling that finds everything new and fresh to me, already cannot only with good-looking will describe, however ego of Liu Dehua breakthrough and thought-provoking coexisted film a fine piece of writing.

01 Liu Dehua angle: Breakthrough ego, the De Hua of day king Liu that returns to passerby

Liu Dehua gives the person's sense, it is day king, it is a singer, it is the God of the whole people that stand high above the masses, and in " break Gu " in, liu Dehua shows a person with average farmer, the hair is messy, the dress is shabby, he overturned oneself figure, blend in the film morely however in, liu Dehua is artistic sacrifice, it is achievement " break Gu " , let " break Gu " more good-looking important safeguard.

(Liu Dehua's disparate figure modelling)

Before, remember having a press, liu Dehua films on the street " break Gu " when, a lot of people did not discover Liu Dehua in close quarters at all, this also explains character modelling models Liu De Hua have how to succeed.

02 " break Gu " angle: Ground floor of press close to lives, your person is saved greatly

" break Gu " as writing of a film, very ground floor of press close to lives, tell about to lose a son directly old father, riding motor to look for a son everywhere, such subject matter is undoubtedly very ground floor of press close to lives, cause the resonance of the audience very easily, and the adversary of Liu Dehua and Jing Bairan makes fun of, the interdepend between them, mutual encourage, can let a lot of people more, the audience feeling that has had the child to lose experience especially is the same as experience.

03 integrated angle: Attention children kidnaps and sell a topic, the effort of firm hall of outspread Liu De Huayuan Guo and not easy

Children kidnaps and sell a topic more than be moved screen, for instance: Of Huang Bo, Zhao Wei " dear " likewise touching, compare with this photograph, " break Gu " can give me more real shocks, because,be " break Gu " in, liu Dehua has prototype, this is searched for years namely child Guo Gang hall.

(hall of Liu De Huayuan Guo Gang)

Guo Gang hall, shandong person, search child 22 years since, had helped 100 much people find the children of be scattered, perhaps seek the father and mother of a be scattered, however, guo firm hall is alone still, new start off, continue to search the son with him old be scattered! This is not a story, also not be film writing, happen in the real event beside us truly however.

" break Gu " can bring more thought resonance, the acting be closely bound up that sinceres with Liu De Huazhen not only, the moving achievement that is itself of as firm as Guo hall more has very big correlation, art results from the life, prep above lives, sincere not bully also!

Gentleman of Ga laugh day has a word to say " break Gu " evaluation: Result from the life, clever at treatment, greeting prototype, sincerity is full

The first, result from the life. " break Gu " medium Liu Dehua modelling, firm hall of Guo of complete according to undertakes art is fathommed, recovered from an illness of Guo Gang hall search child hard way.

The 2nd, clever at treatment. No matter be Liu Dehua, or " break Gu " play staff, to the treatment of this one work of art, infuse a large number of painstaking effort, for instance: Liu Dehua is filming " break Gu " when, one act play needs by feminine slap sb in the face, liu Dehua to show true, was hit by feminine firm firm really ten a slap on the face, after be being hit, ministry of Liu Dehua face has apparent strut, this is " break Gu " clever at treatment, reflect the effort of clue authenticity!

The 3rd, greeting prototype, sincerity is full. Guo firm hall is great, his great depend on, can go all lengths, help different stranger search the children with old be scattered, or parents, " break Gu " greeting is single-hearted, this also lets " break Gu " besides artistic breath, have the milk of human kindness more! ! !

Finally, wish worldly again unmanned dealer, do not have depart of flesh and blood again! ! !

(" break Gu " hall of Liu De Huayuan Guo Gang presses down a building)

I am gentleman of Ga laugh day, pay close attention to content of movie and TV, analyse actor of movie and TV, pay close attention to me, good to you look! ! !

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