Is the person that lives in Shanghai tired?

Joys and sorrows of life all has.

Be in the university that Shanghai reads, present husband was encountered during.

Can calls green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, be innocent playmates. Cough. It is good that to prevent to drop dog food I enter subject continuously.

Graduation left Shanghai to work with respect to in pairs.

The first his salary is 2500. I do not have the job the first year to attend judicatory exam. Renting a house is a room, chummage is 1350. Gas net expends eliminate chummage water and electricity a month still has 800. Oneself cook, go to small supermarket market cleaning out flesh of cheap food petty gain. The fruit eats not to rise, return old home in viatic box crowded apple. Can say very special pain the first year, it is him first time comes out, exam pressure very big, two people often quarrel.

But full-time over below reviewed case, I did not take an exam through judicatory, this is tremendous to my blow. I am during the school, had obtained scholarship a lot of times, avowed law theory is very good, many what learn.

Because worry about economic problem too,summing up discovery is, husband no matter money, gross 800 two people had wanted a month, we now and then go out to meet with the classmate even, be about basically to be spent two 300. Do not have method to learn well of course crankily everyday.

Next I go out to apply for a job with respect to him decision, work to take an exam at the same time at the same time. Sought 3 many months, because not be a this year's graduates, without working experience, also had done not have judicatory exam, it is the worst combination simply, but my lot has compared the likelihood, took an attorney office, the work is very hard, but encountered a lot of very good colleagues. A monthly wages is 2500, although the salary of nearly one times comes out more in the home, but the day is uneasy still, should connect because of myself diligent, came out more traffic is expended probably 200, lunch everyday 5 standard, it is oneself from domestic inner tube.

This time can have eaten big meat meat every week, I am written down very clearly, once we bought two jins of steaky pork to make pork of braise in soy sauce Saturday, what I and husband have is very happy, come to an agreement or understanding next week also so do, but weekday does the 2nd week, I filled in a few take a meal the following day in my messtin. He is broken broken study the feel well that says to did not eat last. One face is subdued.

The job at that time involves a large number of jobs bussiness trip, jiang Zhehu made a round trip that day, setting according to the company do not have 50 allowance, myself wants pay for sb and expect to be repaid later early in dinner, I am very angry, and nobody works to replace during be away on official business, come back to want to draw up in the morning the following day poor report is Chinese and English each one, the any other business that handles those who be away on official business one day that to happen even afternoon. System of tall at that time iron developeds far from, go to peaceful wave city wanting the 3 buses of the hour, accomplish destination to want 1 hour again, the traffic inside Shanghai 1 hour. Need ten hours back and forth.

But such job has a bit profit, it is to be able to let me be at ease read a book boldly, listen to recording, become a problem. If not be away on official business, I go to work on the road 1 hour everyday, on next roads 1 hour, after coming home, serve a meal ate at 8 o'clock at 7 o'clock, review 4-5 hour again, sleep. If be away on official business, that with respect to distance round-the-clock review, come home to sleep directly.

Divide with freeboard in those days 408 (cover face, also do not calculate freeboard component, but oneself are super and proud) passed judicatory exam.

It is I find new job next he also finds new job, standard of living is a lot of better, passed 78 years again about, used bilateral parents aid financially the saving that reachs oneself to fall, bought a house, head paying proportion is his parents probably 15 my parents 15% , husband and wife is accumulated jointly 70% .

Can have said very happily now. But the experience that remembers graduation head 3 years, some feel sad have some of pride again, oneself can go all out very much really!

Be in incidentally this is close inside 10 years, because want intercourse to want save money again, learn made skill good food, decoct fries smooth rinse of boil blast evaporate, mu Si of biscuit of cake egg whip, it is the hand arrives capture come, make tea also learned a few but do not be good at.

Above is my experience. I and husband are second line city, do not think, shanghai is special the place that abides by game regulation, literacy rate is very high, competition is intense also of course, but a minute cultivated a minute of results does not deceive people.

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