Why is trousers of schoolboy of a few brand shop a meter 65 start? How does the schoolboy of 160 pur

Problem: Why is the schoolboy trousers of a few brand shop a meter of 65 above? How does the schoolboy of 160 purchase pants?

I also experience this problem somewhat, laugh after all be proud I also am to belong to airy of breathing lower level that group of people (tear... ) , because major schoolboy height basically is a meter of 65 above, the trousers design that is 165 above because of the trousers norms of the design of this brand shop also not without the truth, face such situation, how should 160 male brethrens of the left and right sides choose? This needs certain choose and buy and tie-in skill to undertake dealing with

Although say dress design is formfitting very important, because its will decide tie-in difficult easy rate, but in case cannot find likely pattern, have to rely on tie-in skill so, can see the value of tie-in skill from this, this also is at ordinary times the main reason that we emphasize tie-in skill

We can be passed the following these respects will undertake choose and buy and collocation

Collocation of choose and buy suggests 1. Hypostatic inn is tried on

For not tall to height male brethren, it is very important that the clothes is bought in hypostatic inn, because we are OK personally the upper part of the body is tried on, come so, trousers is formfitting with respect to be clear at a glance, still having a profit in addition is, some hypostatic inn can help you undertake clipping is handled, after long to slanting trousers is tried on, completely OK too will long part cut out is dropped, need not fear again so trousers is not formfitting

2. collects the net inn that suits his

What meaning is this? That is to say the form that we also can choose a net to buy, because the shop on the net is a few morer, to hypostatic inn, and to the height of 160, some storefront or meeting have such size, when accordingly we are undertaking the net is bought, search the shop that suits oneself to undertake collecting coming down first, when picking the clothes next, the measures reference that must enquire the proposal of customer service and shop give out is expressed, in that way more make mistake not easily

3. actor chooses 9 minutes of pants

If feel trousers is too long bad choice, so OK and first choice design of 9 minutes of pants, because appearance of 9 minutes of pants is a few briefer to trousers, perhaps others is worn rising is 9 minutes of pants, and you are worn rising is trousers, not be better so, also can choose the design of knickers in addition, to knickers, also can divide for a variety of design, some slanting short some slants a few longer, accordingly for not tall to stature person, can choose to slant short knickers design also is possible

(Actor chooses knickers or 9 minutes of pants)

4. pulls collocation of bottom of a trouser leg

If the trousers design of the choice slants,grow, perhaps cannot find the trousers pattern that fits oneself, so we can pull the bottom of a trouser leg when collocation, make below half body some neater not only so, and also more appear relaxed and comfortable, what need an attention nevertheless is a bottom of a trouser leg when be being pulled not exorbitant, lest appear the leg is short, will be just the opposite to what one wished in that way

If do not want to pull the bottom of a trouser leg, that chooses the way that says before us, have the bottom of a trouser leg cutting out namely, revise the measures that suits oneself, need not fear collocation is not harmonious again so not mental consequence.


As a whole, choose pair of trousers design to reach formfitting very important, if stature slants short do not choose the pattern that fits oneself, can undertake the bottom of a trouser leg undertakes handling cut out or be pullinged so, such collocation are a few more harmonious, of course besides hypostatic inn, net inn also is the target that we can choose, the trousers size that includes because of present net inn is quite much still, among them the design of 160 has likewise, seek advice from customer service more, collect a few shop more, so in appear more a few more convenient when trousers of choose and buy next.

More tie-in skill and recommend, the welcome pays close attention to me oh!

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