How evaluate Dong Qing chair style and chair ability?

Dong Qing looks from compere angle, it is a good compere really. Look from other angle, that is not certain. In the situation that does not suit, prate falls in the setting that does not suit patriotic, him little imagine has serious problem, him try every means gives birth to the child to the United States in order to obtain American record, go up in the program with educational patriotic compatriots prate is patriotic, do not suit really! It is to be in covert the face that the ground hits compatriots, also be right patriotic the affront of two words and satirize, really comical and funny! The Chinese does not count on those immigrant, the person that changes Chinese citizenship is patriotic, hope they do not atttack China only, do not publish traitor opinion on public affairs, believing a mouth to speak carelessly contemptuous China is the biggest patriotic! China is our home town, it is our birthplace, it is the place that gives birth to me to raise me, since you do not love, ourselves love! If who publishs adverse to the country traitor opinion on public affairs, if who insults a country case, touch bully motherland, I can look for him desperately! ! !

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