What breathtaking coincidence is there on the history?

Mountain pass border, world amount to is not much one of people that experience a nucleus twice to explode. More the person is amazed is, because,mountain pass border experiences a nucleus twice to explode is coincidence, and twice he is apart from a nucleus to explode the center is 3 kilometers. This probability, the world alone one.

Mountain pass border was born in Nagasaki 1916, nagasaki is entered after the middle school graduates dockyard of 3 water chestnut works. 1945, mountain pass border has been the stylist of ministry of design of dockyard of 3 water chestnut.

Because of working reason, came in May 1945 in August, mountain pass border and two colleagues are away on official business in Hiroshima.

August 6 in the morning, mountain pass border 3 people got up early, because they should drive ship the first times today,answer Nagasaki.

In the morning at 7 o'clock, 3 people come to dock, preparation ascends a boat. Mountain pass border discovers official seal falls in agency suddenly, go back then took time of official seal.

Wait for mountain pass border to come to dock again, time comes to 8:15, mountain pass border looks up discover the sky falls down two small parachute, see tremendous ray shines subsequently case. He is temporary blindness, be furled by powerful explosive gas, cast the alley that falls in farm to go up heavily next. Wait for his reaction to come over, the upper part of the body of mountain pass border is left suffer serious and burnable, skin canker, the hair also is burned smooth.

This is the U.S. Army exploded to the atom bomb with overhand Hiroshima.

Japanese still does not know what atom bomb is at that time, the bomb that thinking is the unprecedented with a vast power only just.

Hiroshima is to go temporarily not know clearly. Fortunately mountain pass border and colleague distance nucleus explode the center has 3 kilometers to be apart from, get hurt not quite serious. 3 people are arranged cure, troubled was spent in Hiroshima overnight.

August 7, mountain pass border and staff are come by move Nagasaki.

On August 8 midday, 3 people arrive at Nagasaki.

On August 9 morning, mountain pass border reports Hiroshima case to the manager to the company. Place of as above face says, japanese army high level hid the fact of bomb of U.S. Army atom bomb, just tell common people that is a bomb. Person of neither one of ordinary common people knows atom bomb is why to be planted weapon, include the boss of mountain pass border.

The director let the description of mountain pass border, object very much in the heart: Such weapon takes big look than the day fierce, how this is likely, it is mountain pass border certainly by scamper muddled, head is broken. Think so in the heart, speak out on manager mouth: "Do not cross trifling a bomb, can you let Hiroshima is such big city destroyed entirely? I do not believe. Are you by scamper bad first? Are you by scamper bad first??

At that time, time came in the morning 11:02, the one's voice in speech of the manager just fell, that glaring Bai Guang was transmitted again outside the window.

Mountain pass border felt the power of nuclear explosion again, of coincidence is, this the nucleus explodes the center is apart from company of mountain pass border to remain 3 kilometers. After the event is informed, the U.S. Army drops a bomb cast slanted two kilometers, it is dim that this must say in have oneself providential.

Do not know at that time the manager of mountain pass border is what psychology, what I think certainly is: I believe to have reflect the presence with great fierce mind than the day, that is American, u.S. Army.

After Hiroshima nucleus explodes at that time, japanese government will be major Hiroshima survival is scattered to circumjacent city, among them scattered the know exactly about sth to Nagasaki of 100 people. Accordingly mountain pass border is not exclusive a person that suffers a nucleus twice to explode, but twice the nucleus explodes 8 people discovered only till what survive is current, twice the nucleus explodes distance nucleus explodes the center is 3 kilometers have mountain pass border only one person, mountain pass border also became a nucleus twice to explode the delegate of survival.

This kind of coincidence, I think nobody is willing to experience.

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