Kyoto animation on fire, this is one catastrophe to animation industry. Beijing A Buddhist nun manuf

The one catastrophe that thes capital of a country animation on fire is animation industry not only while, according to reporting at present, dead number already reached 25 people, and a large number of manuscript or by burn down. And the cause that causes casualties also is to say, to save manuscript (painstaking effort) . Be of animation industry tremendous and queasy really. And according to Beijing A Buddhist nun flow of the animation that make looks, a lot of animation can no more see sequel possibly. . .

Well-known, beijing A Buddhist nun is the company that pays attention to paper original painting most... the detail of their work, colour, of setting and affection line exquisite. So a company by baleful arson it is abortion of plan of original painting burn down not only, get hurt even Staff sacrifice... from day of girl of CLANNAD, light tone, cool Gong Chun disappear, the those that puts Qia , state on the ice is the form of square, sound, medium 2 disease also want Tan Lian garden of eternity of love, violet, beijing A Buddhist nun brings a lot of touching stories for us really! Want to be less than somebody to be able to have so big baleful finish really one represents the company that is fascia with feeling. . .

Be like " violet eternity garden " for, belong to did not sow red the sort of drama, leave especially after sowing: Its superior picture, each frame can serve as the level of wallpaper, literary and lachrymatory ability, it is to be blown to explode more! "The god is made " " human Bible " " hegemony time " wait for a word to be its coronate, each adult pneumatic overflows UP advocate it is to be its to hit Call in succession more!

What the story tells about is: "Automatic hand writes down person idol " it is by Aolande the doctor is made at first, because his wife causes blindness because of acquired reason,origin is, cannot continueing after the novel is composed, become depressed. Cannot look at a wife to be in helplessly such dejected with each passing day go down, ao Lande invented automatic secretary person occasionally. This is a kind of content that can narrate voice place is recorded with literal form, namely so called " ghostwrite " robot occasionally. At the outset for love wife made machine, became the pillar of more person however now, consequently old hand welcomes.

And our " violet eternity garden " with " automatic hand writes down person idol " osmund Er Li is special Yifujiadeng gives priority to · horn, she what serve as giant in the war, end in the war, after the world moves toward peace, cherishing person of extremely heavy to her good stays " speech " leave army to come to big haven city, found " era is written epistolary " the job. That is the corresponding job that an idea according to client will come to organize a language, she is straight face client, contact this in their heart candid feeling, slowly begin to understand " the way of the world " , clear " speech " meaning!

Valve of this animation beans gives a mark 8.6, can say very tall. Additional, " violet eternity garden " make theatrical edition completely newly decide, will show in January 2020! ~ can be shown normally when the hope arrives

Finally, buddhist nun of hope Beijing A can restore vitality at an early date, we are in all the time!


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