Zhou Qi serves in NBA error ever selected " 5 big " , specific what circumstance be? Does he se

I answer back and forth, the past can'ts bear turn one's head, actually everybody wants to look, I take everybody to review:

At that time is the match of rocket and sun, had entered rubbish time early too, zhou Qi also is to suffer invite come on stage, after sun aggression is hit, zhou Qi is carried out serve, mix the out-of-bounds of world cup of this male basket is euqally optional, be bungled to Black's afterbrain directly, be grabbed by sun team the middle distance that finish jumps cast.

Rocket team member is full one face is muddled force, rocket advocate handsome Deandongni also can helpless shake shake one's head in order to alleviate inside awkward field, because copyright is restricted, think those who admire this one act to see those who comment on an area use a figure please.

Of Zhou Qi passing a ball this also is Rong Dengfang abandons O'Neil the head of a list of names posted up of 5 big , very also fact returns to the name.

This also sees, of Zhou Qi play a ball game the manner has a problem really, pass a ball optional, without desire of strive for victory, too wasteful really his body endowment, this world cup, he is to I am sorry not only oneself, more I am sorry the millions upon millions fan of countrywide that supports Chinese male goal, zhou Qi already 23 years old, be dot no longer, do not know when he can go up to be brought up truly in the thought.

Chinese male basket wait not to rise really, if you do not grow again, chinese male basket of future can have other player to take-over, you play yourself dead really.

Above is my individual view, the welcome leaves a message discuss.

I am low-key elder brother, like nod an attention oh, thank!

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