214 matches, 124 balls 39 aid, ins of Yi Ka Erdi accuses exotic nation rice! What finish be boots of

Yikaerdi and rabbi abstruse especially same, it is be given by oneself agent " hole " .

Rabbi abstruse it is especially " Mom treasure male " , yikaerdi is " wife canal is severe " , for the moment does not carry rabbi here abstruse special, say Yikaerdi.

214 matches 124 balls 39 aid, boots of gold of two meaning armour, this spends the data that is a giant star of sharp edge line absolutely, yikaerdi should have a disparate contrail originally, but confirm of his practical experience just a word: Female disaster water.

Wife flourishing of Yikaerdi is amounted to - graceful pulling is his teammate mark in Sangpuduoliya on the west - Luopeisi's wife, yikaerdi and Luopeisi are a good friend, alleged friend wife not easily bullied, danyi Ka Erdi did not stand fast not only, returned He Wangda to go one case.

"Friend wife door " later, yikaerdi also walked into blind lane in the career of Argentine nation group.

After Yikaerdi and Wanda marry, it is the agent that Rangwangda becomes him more.

On this world, no matter how shrewd man, do not endure bedside wind.

Yikaerdi is right country the importance of rice is self-evident, but country rice and he renews the contract all the time at a stand.

Rice opens the country at first the yearly salary that gives 7.5 million euro renews the contract Yikaerdi, dan Wangda thinks this value is real too low, refused directly. After this both sides talks a few times to all do not have a result again, wanda begins to run the husband to turn at the same time meeting blame article.

Rice cancelled the country under one anger captain qualification of Yikaerdi, and right now You Wen also borrows machine demand a low price, two clubs negotiate also at a stand.

At this moment, kong Di came.

The appearance of naturally of aperture the base of a fruit of ironhanded direct troops is not next " make ear smooth with a rake " player, more what is more,the rather that his agent or the lamp that comparative not to save oil. Very fast, kong Di announces, yikaerdi is not in his plan.

Below the support of the club, kong Di eliminates Yikaerdi be besides sheet of Europe coronal name directly, rice returned the country to give the Lukaku that turn newly and comes 9 polo shirt of Yikaerdi directly.

This falls, yikaerdi is awkward.

He wants to go You Wen, dan Youwen drives the price that go abroad essential short of of rice anticipate, but under, the Yikaerdi's couple of suffer from one's own actions can seek next homes additionally only.

Now, yikaerdi is rental went to big Paris, the big Paris no more than that field giant star gathers before lets Yikaerdi block the top when made of baked clay Buddhist nun gets hurt in Mu Ba Peihe namely, temporarily lash-up just.

Rental contract is not contained buy outright, if big Paris is not bought outright, yikaerdi returns a country after rice, yearly salary will be 7 million euro.

Wanda roistered a few months, still return origin finally. Hey, not be professional, do not learn a family to pull Yiaola!

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