Of Wu Jing " scaler " can refresh " battle wolf 2 " box-office?

I think cannot

Above all for " battle wolf 2 " why can have so high booking office

1, " battle wolf 2 " theme, patriotic feelings blame often accords with masses psychology. This kind of subject matter that enhances ethical self-confidence heart has all along welcome. National official intermediary also supports energetically.

2, archives of summer vacation time is shown

3, Wu Jing is a good actor, it doesn't matter is negative news.

4, " battle wolf " good public praise

5, the litigant disturbance before showing also can have a few helps probably

6, undeniable is, " battle wolf 2 " from gut, the actor does not have too big error to acting respect, the hot-blooded tussle, laugh that lose no time is nodded take those who hold is very good. The audience is very captious, if a film has certain place to have too apparent fault, regular meeting reduces cent greatly to whole department film. But " battle wolf 2 " have hardly, perhaps say to be in patriotic below this big flag, covered a few small flaws. Seem to face a lot of people to be in praise " battle wolf 2 " when, it is so good that I feel to do not have actually, but unapt also go refuting.

7, from numerous psychology. The booking office of later period more it is a lot of people see " battle wolf 2 " be commented in succession, box-office perhaps rocket, feel oneself do not look not to follow to go up the rhythm of the times

8, home is native land of type of this kind of film be short of break, the masses is compared optionally little

And to " scaler " , I am very afraid however, even I can be afraid that it attacks street

Wu Jing is no problem actually, such subject matter he is very appropriate still.

Crucial now question is director of Li Ren harbor, ask you to be patted well.

Enlarge pattern to whole chinese mainland please, do not want confine to be in harbor piece go out not to come in the style; Please handle way is certain come down, those who fasten gaudy of at all times and in all over the world is blind special wave; Make stage property please clear, those who enter an area is chairman resembling and ensign, not be UFO.

Present true history please come out, yes, make the same score betray with Nepalese conflict, Tibet namely, abandon equipment to take chairman resembling and ensign to ascend a top to wait a moment only.

What to pull with me farfetched, the brother treats Chinese nation namely affection, psychokinesis and erupt of force; Will see the political interest at that time namely; Will look namely " tickler is not had on the world, should agree to ascend only climb " ; Will see the liberation army be hit namely those Helot advocate rebel army fart rolls make water to flow; On the peak that will view the world namely, the chairman resembles gazing at China below the Five-Star Red Flag.

Elder brother, you serve Mount Everest chairman resembling and national flag, send higher, the film is box-office it is taller.

Elder brother, you let the liberation army play serf advocate, the time that camera lens gives is longer, the audience jumps over show respect for.

Above is subjective, can show come out, bad to say, see director wind judge, black. And, what I still am anxious is him the adventurous style motion picture that takes this sport into mountain-climbing theme really.

Can place a hope only at, this movie is ultimate can firm firm ground I sweet melon seeds of sweet big on both sides.

Li Ren harbor, it is good to ask you good, fasten the scrape our Wu Jing.

What think now so is not " scaler " can refresh " battle wolf 2 " box-office, however " scaler " booking office can be achieved completely 2 billion, decide a little cause first

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