Why to star often divorce?

What is " star " ? Serve as a bit, have bit of good looks, a bit more advanced can all receives some kind of fashionable trademark. In the past star, almost the person sees the person loves, everybody is approbated. They also are known from precious self-love. Star changes later flavour is abnormal, completely themselves Hu Zunzao is become! Sing a song to eat all one's life, perform a play to earn a few ten million, go up even 100 million, idle away in seeking pleasure, sa Huan roll about, had tried, thought of to divorce then. The divorce is very normal, disposition disagreement is less than too at the same place, that leaves. Most person not of shame is pink of damage of network, discharge, money, brain, and all sorts of evil desires are jumbly be together jeer, the star of large quantities of quantities is degenerate already adult broken bits, break off a leg licentious drug taking is omnipotent! In this filthy circle, vie each other actually! Did you leave? I also leave; You left twice, I leave 3 times 4 times! The wide gap of the age is bigger and bigger, the degree of public exposure more and more shameless. But, some star hang divorce and career, pursuit and disposition orientaton in mouth edge even, it is the trick of behave like thieves and whores actually. This group becomes recreation nowadays to death grand opera, common people won't be serious, but can take them to look for a Le Zi, abreact abreact the complaint of mind, basic not need has philosophy or discuss theoreticly.

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