Spell the bag since forehead, the neck has hematic mark! Ike dark: Want to score a goal for my count

Of Ike dark go all out in work spirit lets a lot of people blush with shame!

Just the foreign nationality player of nationalization, go all out with respect to what begin do one's best at the beginning from the match, it is forehead rushed a big package first, next neck when by lay off a blood mark does not know. Compared with the goal that Mei Kaier spends, I more admire him attendant the manner that go up, more local born and bred than us home player is strong too much, what seeing just is the spirit that respect property, what just calls sense of responsibility!

Last night China male sufficient greet the future world battle of preliminary contest head, depend on the Mei Kaier of Ike dark to spend, the goal of Wu Lei, Wu Xi and Yang Xu, final China male sufficient 5 what not was concerned about: 0 get the better of greatly greet make a good beginning. The hotspot with this field the biggest game is nationalization Xin Yuanai show of Ke Sen, although interiorly education is surpassed,go up Ike dark did not score a goal, the match at the beginning he special go all out, think the actual strength that uses oneself goes obtaining a goal very much.

After Yang Xu creates bit of ball at that time oneself advocate punished, ike dark missed the opportunity of the goal that order a ball, did not concern nevertheless, a person of extraordinary powers of world of Wei of club good friend comes on stage creation orders a ball, ike dark is accomplished in one move advocate punish hit the target, greeted him the country is sufficient a beautiful goal, he goes around 10 teammate of full field and the others to celebrate, still do not forget acknowledgment supports his spot fan. He still greets the 2nd goal finally, it is Wei Shihao serves secondary attack to him this.

After the match ends, ike dark said the word of fan of a lot of acknowledgment, but among them two special make moving heart.

The first is: Spelled what how hurt to not be clear about, the bloodstain on the neck is afraid more knowing is how to do those who go.

The 2nd is: The national goal that can be me is a very honorable thing!

Ike dark to can raise a world cup, renounced oneself Brazilian citizenship, naturalization effectiveness China of 7 years, for this momently he waited very long, after he enters the court, go all out namely, do not have any apprehension go all out, because he thinks namely,score a goal for the country. See here I had been touched, doesn't dark country sufficient He Chou develop such many Ike to give an Asia? I support such nationalization, because Ike dark can go all out after all for national interest, this ability is the most important!

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