Does college roommate let you most what is an admired work?

The forehead. . . This it is a long story!

University dormitory 4 people (male) , for the first impression, everybody loves clean quite, do not have accumulation mountainous dress and sock at least!

Of live in peace with each other passed 1 year. Big 2 when, one day early morning sleeps hazy, hear somebody is arranging bedding, because everybody lives upper berth (below is study desk) , shake so voice is bigger, and the most important is, we can fold a quilt without the person at ordinary times. . .

I open an eye mistily, discover the big grain dust of all over the sky, had not waked up at that time, how to also pay attention to so, continue to sleep!

Wait for wake up when getting out of bed, discovery has the dust of a thick white below the bed of this classmate. The fellow student that has rural experience should can have visions of, rub maize cob when, scrape up of the meeting on the ground gives the ash of shape of a white, flake. Or you can imagine, the scene of completely thick dander:

Compare this hyperbole only, it is to cannot be found really again exaggerated picture, collect is operable, basically rely on excellent play imagination

As the eyes from ground upgrade drift, the bedside of the bed edge, ladder that ascend a bed, classmate that face a shop, it is this kind of strange dust entirely. Do not have a word all the way, till have a meal midday when, everybody discussed this matter on table!

Still have seasoned expert after all, via checking, it is the dead skin of the generation after skin surface is metabolic, a thick big, it is marvellous spectacle really! I strap Emma go, that day my spirit is absentminded, I also do not wish to return the dormitory in that dream again, one day did not take food, think really can bring up comes the feeling of acerbity water!

University 4 years ah, we see this eldest brother has bathed twice, it is big one strong enter a school, it is big one after we play basketball together. Had brushed the tooth of limited number, had you seen who is in charge of even 1/3 4 years toothpaste to did not give out?

Wait for our debunk he, do not accumulate the dress of caboodle, sock originally, also did not wash, overturned completely I am right " bed curtilage " the acknowledge of 2 words!

Already graduated several years nowadays, everybody already got married establish line of business, I think, the classmate's abuse also changed certainly, but the spirit that this kind of gritty, self-confident side leaks still is in certainly accompanying him to grow. . . This cup, respect you! ! !

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