Whether can be the child that has given taught below bludgeon?

About teaching the child, whether the problem of use physical punishment, a lot of experts have an explanation. The point of view that compares in a popular style is, do not hit 2 years old of children before and 6 years old of the following children.

Above all, do not hit 2 years old of children before, it is the child because of this phase, dozen also use without giving thought to. Their itself still is in bud bud to know the level that know, what cannot distinguishing is right thing, what is wrong thing, good even the scar forgot to ache, after was being hit, meet again immediately repeat.

So, to 2 years old of children before, if do not think the child does what business, best method does not give the child the chance namely. For example, afraid child Koes cup, put the cup in the child to take the place that be less than directly. If wait for child overturn the cup hits the child again, the child won't remember. Next time, he still can make same mistake possibly.

Next, do not hit the child after 6 years old, because the child is so big,be, had had proper pride, hitting the child is the proper pride of attaint child, hit the child in public circumstance especially, go against the child grow. And this phase when, had understood a reason, they can differentiate to the fault, know what cannot do.

When teaching this phase, need uses the method that tells a truth, tell the child right way, what make to child place is wrong, tell their wrong reason and right way, so that they remember.

The 3rd, 2 to 6 years old of children between, because grow of the circumstance different, and located sensitive period level, can use beaten method, the method that because this is the fastest,told the child the most effectively his err.

To the child of this phase, the psychology that the parent wants to be clear about them grows circumstance, according to the child's particular case, make answer a method specificly. For example, if the child wants to start work,play insert a platoon, play the child's finger, the likelihood makes the child clear directly, this thing cannot be done.

Nevertheless, also should tell the child the reason, although they are not certain very clear, but right way and reason or need make the child clear.

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