What is hydraulic pressure walks? Next what is its principle?

Hydraulic pressure walks is a kind of car that project machine often introduces walks means. He and machinery walk to be compared, can get used to big torque circumstance, can get used to all sorts of mixed operating mode.

Hydraulic pressure walks

Hydraulic pressure walks even if used hydraulic pressure travel to go motor, and the means that makes mechanical equipment walks. Hydraulic pressure walks motor is hydraulic pressure motor and decelerate machine close suitably normally, offsetted the weakness with little torque of hydraulic pressure motor, movement is steady.

For instance grab used hydraulic pressure travel to go motor, two pedrail, at the same time a motor, use a hand to move hold charge means, advancement goes backwards, change direction very convenient.

Hydraulic pressure walks system

Hydraulic pressure walks system by hydraulic pump, banked direction control valves, hydraulic pressure motor, circumgyrate connect waits composition a moment, engine drives hydraulic pump, hydraulic pressure of hydraulic pump eduction is oily, through banked direction control valves, arrive at hydraulic pressure motor, drive hydraulic pressure motor to rotate.

Hydraulic pump employs laden and sensitive pump or laden and sensitive a powerful person more on the grab of 3 much above, come managing the sources of energy. On 3 much more the following grab some used force plunger pump, some used gear pump.

Handle of banked direction control valves will control walk, two walk motor handle, be pushed forth even if go forth, go with respect to in the future toward pusher, right handle is pushed forth, it is right-hand rotation, left-hand rotation is pushed before left.

Walk what at present home makes motor is not much, especially high-end motor, basically still rely on an entrance, of course a lot of company of home also is trying hard research and development. Before long in the future, high-end domain also is met by us place is occupational.

I am engineer of hydraulic pressure motor, welcome transmit, dot assist, thank

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