What famous muscle holiday does NBA have to pursue?

Put a piece of controversy to pursue first, this piece about Zhanmusi Harden the photograph of the figure, to now still a lot of people may believe, but be P actually. After coming because of Paul, harden did not have again go the message exposure of nocturnal inn, red is heard a lot of less also, so this piece pursues be born basically is to prove the expression of the sports season on Harden, it is the achievement that he trains hard rear, but actually...

This piece of photograph is Harden is an upright person recently oneself are basked in on gregarious media come out, above contrast that piece of graph, the feeling is apparent, harden's figure is all the time actually so of be slack and perfunctory.

Howard also was provided very much this piece before puzzle quality, the proof is P later, but actually not the figure of P demon animal also did not get in season;

Zhanmusi is this piece to be in join in in training of lake person, the netizen uses the classic that training is born according to place, individual and heart of good friend Wei still undertook Zhanmusi later transmit, match him article should hit 5 possibly;

Zhou Qi this " devil brawn person " the photograph is the hot eye that comparative. Zhou Qi is in from Nba regression unborn watch China attends Sitankeweiji cup, be opposite an African champion Tunisia, zhou Qi can have carried adversary on the head 3 players rise by force cruel buckle! Antagonism ability, erupt the growth that force includes muscle line is clear and visible. So the netizen's classic also is frequency goes out.

Ingram is returned at present very thin, the way that adds muscle is very long still. In the Zhanmusijia with doughty fitness after alliance lake person, ingram is mixed in summertime league matches of Zhanmusi meet according to the warbler song that makes person sense height taller than Zhanmusi immediately small circuit, this piece of P of the netizen pursues, it is to encouraging him hard to add muscle probably.

A couplet did not say this piece, be classical!

Ka Peila by P muscle because going up,basically be sports season he is asked for actively to the coach actually enter the court time, the performance with want to be hit better arrives with taking big contract, netizen P pursues at that time is for acid Kapeila too expand. Of course, final Kapeila took 5 years in this summer of 90 million do not poor compensation, the contest after season proved him with his actual performance.

Finally these a few are to had added flesh success, the delegate of allied encourage annals, need not P:

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