Who do you think the bogus star of NBA has?

My junior high school begins to look, 15 years ago, ok combination, mm combination, sun triangle, golden pheasant is independent, my moxa, piston 5 tigers, shi Fo, bewitching knife, lightning a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, imperatorial Alinasi, accompanying the much that I experience is these, a lot of retired, stay attendant those who go up is very few, I do not see a ball now besides time reason, major not very was known, and present popular system is quite ugly, compasses of former come to attack us blows not so strict, antagonism is intense, spherule tactics also has so, but I did not see Bai Qiao of ` of ` radical heart passes Nash so again really ball resembling performance accuses euqally to defend, I see I of black now Zhanmusi also feel quite bored, because they go intentionally oversight of Zhanmusi rise abruptly, small emperor does not cry in vain, as to say what original the eastpart part does not have to star completely, still be inferior to so that masked the ray of very much other star,saying a few star that await in those days are too dazzling, present defend and original planted agent antagonism is two different matters completely, right now Zhanmusi's black mole, what before mixing a few years black family compares is about the same, follow suit just, echo what other says stopped, as to bogus star, without bogus star, have bogus fan only

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