What does recreational group have not to leave the star husband and wife that doesn't abandon?

Recreation encircles the place that is a good and evil people mixed up originally, also be the place of real intention of very rare the real situation, there are a lot of deceits inside, dally with, false. But it is namely in such environment, also have husband and wife of a lot of star, they go through thick and thin together, immerse with foam, give aid to each other, created good family hand in hand.

Huang Rihua, Liang Jiehua

2014, liang Jiehua of Mrs Huang Rihua dash forward suffer from acute blood cancer to be admitted to hospital cure, half an year costs 1.5 million RMB. After this, the Huang Rihua that love plays disappeared, full day takes care of a wife in ward, still push all play to make an appointment with for this. He ever carried the marriage with the madam to illuminate on small gain in silver wedding fete. Leave a message: We married today (the) 25 years ago! Silver wedding joy, forever conjugal love!

Chen Songling, Zhang Duo

Chen Songling is in before can be the star with very big name, want to she enters the theatrical work of movie and TV that perform only, viewing rate is pretty good. Later because was cheated gold, so low for a long time, when in this need the person is comforted and sheltering, she encountered Zhang Duo, give her warmth and love, accompany overshot this paragraph of hard hour, the experience that spends difficulty in all just about lets two hearts be stuck closely in together. Although two people are the age differs,a lot of sister younger brother are loved, but feeling however a bit is insusceptible, marry to come for years they are so conjugal love as before, zhang Duo is a dazzle wife mad demon more, pulling each other hand from what do not abandon, defend lifetime together.

Zhang Jie, Xie Na

Two people experienced wind storm rain, go all the way, not allow really easy. When two people just were together, bless them without the person almost, the reason is very simple, xie Na is bigger than Zhang Jie, do not support sister younger brother to love. Still have Zhang Jie is little known only at that time, and Xie Na is already bright red big violet, a lot of people are not valued to their union. But these year, they are however in dribs and drabs, proving oneself happiness.

Old Yi Xun, Xu Hao entangles

Entangle about Xu Hao, basically mix " modelling is barpque " , " beautiful Qianru running water " about, but you may not know, what she does for old Yi Xun is far many what think than you, when old Yi Xun gets hurt, when having difficulty, wait a moment, the for company that is honor permits no turning back he. Love is each other, old Yi Xun also is such feedback the love to her, like the dress to open clothing store for her. Xu Hao encompass is spat groovy the period of the day from 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. , what he also gives off himself is ugly according to. As long as wife is happy, what do oneself do to be willing, can have the lover that bestows favor on him be addicted to so, do not pass again happily.

Yuan chants appearance, Zhang Zhilin

Because play lays condition,they also are, be known during Beijing takes sport and fall in love, they went abroad 2001 married stealthily when the journey, illuminate without sweet marriage gauze already, also do not have luxurious marriage banquet. Just fill in some program till 2015 patted marriage gauze to illuminate, zhang Zhilin professions to wife the real situation: Say really, whose foregone, true not important, most when if we are together,be being weighed, very happy really. And Yuan Yong appearance cries already lachrymal person.

Luo Jiaying, Wang Mingquan

alleged, affectionate not as good as long companion. Wang Mingquan suffers from twice early or late on cancer, luo Jiaying is not guarding her beside from what do not abandon. And good when Wang Mingquan not easy heal, luo Jiaying is sufferred from by fish again cancer of the liver. They love each other 21 years, have gone through hard ability to enter marital hall. Worldly the most beautiful love, the likelihood has experienced the feeling of catastrophe namely, experience is long and cover firm, stable and difficult break.

Liu Qingyun, Guo Aiming

They calculate absolutely going up is husband and wife of the model in performing art circle, marry nearly 20 years they still are like the sweethearts in be passionately in love. In those days when Liu Qingyun takes gold to resemble shadow emperor, he wants Ceng Youchuan of purpose child, but the hearsay has congenital high blood pressure as a result of him, ability must abandon laying the child's plan. Liu Qingyun clarifies to media later: Actually we plan to want a child far from, the life of two people is quite good now.

Huang Lei, Sun Li

They are boreal shadow graduation, the setting that meets for the first time is such: Huang Lei at that time is a graduate student, be in charge of accepting a new student. In piling a girl, he took a fancy to Sun Li. Later, huang Lei heartens ask Sun Li: "Do you have a boy friend? " Sun Li answers say, huang Lei's bold saying: I also do not have a girlfriend, then you should feel to go, my two Tan Lian love. Agree to nod, do not agree to shake his head. Result, sun Li " if pound garlic,nod " .

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