After red wine opens bottle, do not drink how to do?

Luminous wine glass of grape beautiful wine, daily small drink come cup bishop is a very good thing. A bottle of bishop is general the circumstance is 750ml, 3 two people are young drink, a bottle just good. But if be a person,drink in the home, have a problem. Bit of wine is drunk before a few girls like to sleep especially, right amount bishop not only can hairdressing is raised colour, still can conduce to Morpheus. But after bishop is opened, cannot one-time drink entirely, drink much bad also to liver, be just the opposite to what one wished. And bishop unlike liquor, 40 degrees of 50 degrees of above, after opening, put do not have a thing one year. After bishop opens bottle, do not drink how to do?

Above all, opening bottle of bishop after is to cannot be put long. Open bottle of bishop after, begin to accumulate a contact at air bedding face, be oxidized slowly, the process that bishop oxidizes continuously, also be one is moved toward gradually " die " process. Because excessive oxidation loses original gust,expose the grape bender in air, drink rise the taste that having thick soy to take vinegar, suit no longer drinkable. So, the bishop after opening bottle should be drunk as soon as possible.

Is red wine opened do not drink how to do? Have these a few common processing techniques:

After 1. opens bottle, do not throw away the stopper first, after him teem wants drunk wine, use cork cap plug quickly, do not let air flow into. (wearing a place of strategic importance does not go back a place of strategic importance, come over wine a place of strategic importance to fill in go back) , besides the wine of champagne type a place of strategic importance does not have a law to pour a place of strategic importance to go back, basic all wine a place of strategic importance are to be able to pour a place of strategic importance to go back. After stuff is good, put freezer cold storage, had better be in 3 drink in the day.

If 2. has vacuum stuff in the home, fill in with vacuum wine, after stuff is good the air eduction inside, put freezer cold storage, had better be in a week drink.

3. if the bottle that you have small capacity (be like 375ml or 187ml) , can pour the wine that did not drink into small bottle, increase wine a place of strategic importance next, put freezer. Pyxis can reduce wine fluid and air interface to accumulate, put delay oxidation rate thereby.

Of course you still have other processing way:

Film of face of red wine of 1. make it. Take one cannikin red wine, add the 2 honey to 3 spoon again. Mix red wine and honey equably, move to strong stiff record, again daub at the face, after working 8 minutes, wash with Wen Shui again clean.

2. red wine boils a fruit. 3 cups of red wine are joined in the stockpot, 1/2 comes 2/3 cup candy, and the flavor that you like other -- cinnamonic, anise, Xian Jiang put together boil, dissolve till candy. Put a few mincing flay fruits, had better be the fruit with solid quality of a material, for instance the apple is mixed pear. Of course, the meeting after if you do not mind peach to stew,be being boiled is too sodden, peach also can be joined. Small fire is stewed slow till fruit molten, but still won't rot. Quiet place makes its cool completely on the horse, on a few lemon juice or orange juice season can be pushed before enjoying.

3. bishop sauce expects. Onion, dawdle and garlic cut bead, next the Wen Huo after year breaks up fry. Stew the moment that boil into right amount red wine next, till soup juice thicken, rejoin soup-stock adjusts thick consistency. The flesh that make kind or when stewing the vegetable that boil, can match makings of sauce of this red wine.


After common bishop opens bottle save time, all date in noting a plan are to point to in freezer safe.

After 150 yuan of the following claret are opening bottle drink inside a day.

Considering the influence that bleb speak or sing alternately feels, after bleb wine opens bottle, drink inside 3 days as far as possible, even if used bleb wine special a place of strategic importance.

Had entered wake the bishop of drinking vessel, had better drink inside a day.

Thunder commander (Riesling) , bai Shina (Chenin Blanc) and benefit of French grass cloth (Chablis) the white wine that produces a division, and rummy after opening bottle, can deposit longer (should put freezer of course, and had better not exceed 10 days) .

After issueing bishop to open bottle so, do not drink must not fall, you can use the methodological make the best use of every thing above.

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