Yearn for male basket of 8 years of China, put in current world cup whether 8 strong?

That supported Chinese male goal 2008 is the male basket of a China with my individual the deepest impression, yao Ming presents as leading role, other position is the character of old level of name of Chinese male basket, most like Wang Zhi, the player such as rain of Yi Jianlian, Zhu Fang, Wang Shipeng is raising China then in male basket, and the most important is us a lot of familiar to the ear can the domestic player of detailed at that time is to be worth summit of professional career summit, the world basket world that such battle array puts at that time is a team that cannot ignore.

Specific the show with outstanding what does this China male basket have? It is first with the United States " the team of the dream " the each other that makes in first half has back and forth, wanting the team that knows the dream at that time can not be now the line that this within an inch of loses Osmanli dream, that is a galaxy absolutely bright, what division is compared, in the group that the player such as Zhanmusi is supporting a dream then, the group that Yao Ming leads that to raise Chinese male basket to just let a dream in first half was immersed in in struggling, although finally still is play away the match, but the group that faces a dream makes such show, it is to let a person shine at the moment really.

All but is returned to win the summit summit Spain that issued size to add Suo Erxiong younger brother to guide later, the Olympic Games of German team promotion that beat Wei Siji of summit summit Nuo to guide again next 8 strong, it may be said is to be in " dead group " in show itself.

Current male basket world cup connects the United States from the point of present circumstance " the team of the dream " not quite strong, if not be Turkey last hour 4 punish bos, the team of the dream may be defeated a ball already, the actual strength of every team in this one world cup feels not quite strong, be being compared with the team photograph with medium 2008 Olympic Games is to differ more very far, pure the leading sheep from basketball world " the team of the dream " in light of, the team of the dream is ambitious 2008 the team of the dream is more than 2019 a level, even my feeling should achieve 3 level above.

So my individual is to think if the Chinese male basket 2008 is put in current in male basket world cup, never mention it into 8 strong, I think to have even contend for first hopes and enter 4 strong very big hold, because the Chinese male basket at that time promotes 8 strong be from " dead group " in show itself, the team of dream of adversary United States thering is no lack of with Spanish male basket these gain the championship to be heated up greatly!

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