"Facial blind elder brother " Liu Jiang east 3 You Ruishi, doubt is like be forgiven, picture harm

Still use forgive? Early should the thing of consultative and so on exists? Use reform?

Before marrying, the woman has such and such risk with respect to should clear meeting, or the thing can happen. At that time the circumstance of be passionately in love falls, regular meeting raises a requirement to Mr Liu, had protected oneself, mr Liu also can agree certainly at that time. The businessman is a businessman, everything does by what set beforehand. The woman can marry him, sure not be fool, also won't abandon easily for the interest.

This thing, will tell to them, too lost face. The network is too fierce, the person of the whole world knows, will tell to younger sister of tea with milk, blow is certain the biggest. The thing was not over now, still can be taken eristic. So, the selection goes reading, it is Zuo avoids these, the desalt influence to the woman. Mr Liu agrees with her to read, be also one kind is made up for? ! Place it is much easier to pat, more what is more,the rather that they. Whether is younger sister of tea with milk excused sincerely, only herself knows. Go learning, also be to give oneself to contend for answer a dignity.

As to reform, say big? Mr Liu is rich, give much important matter to be able to square, what is more,the rather that bagatelle of this trifling style? Because have money, small to oneself sanction, thinking where oneself are is the old, the person that seeks him is much is, piece finish sth can bilk the other side to make fun of a method, have plot beforehand, wash oneself as it is a victim. So, use reform? That is the word that says to common person, in these person eyes, whats are, more not need mends his ways.

The netizen says, qian Taichong wanted. We fasten the viewpoint of reoccupy ordinary person, go analysing younger sister of tea with milk and Mr Liu in respective heart planned! Their sad with excuse, or search joyous with mend one's ways, our what issue to involve? Stopped when playgoing only, laugh, prattle come to an end!

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