59:7 of Chinese male basket2 without the predestined relationship 16 strong, yao Ming: Make allowanc

Yao Ming is really difficult! Nan!

If you decide now in order to slant without exception complete sentence, so the reform that Yao Ming makes for Chinese basketball place since assume office is radical be a fault, can execute Gong La to defy far from, we are self-given it is an Asia the first or the 2nd but going to international competition ground to see what carefully also is not, smoke before last autograph to still be hit be inferior to be not being reformed at that time, once put a ray to also more players enter NBA greatly on international arena, you for example: Most greatly, Yao Ming, Yi Jianlian, Sun Yue, can now? Fourth Yan Yuhang, Zhou Qi is in very hard NBA base oneself upon.

Why can become so nowadays such

Above all from what choose for the coach incorrect, of Li Nan assuming office perhaps is blue line is beaten below the case that leads red line to be not valued, there is the play that gives prize on the Asia Game, but he does not have contest experience! The player is confused he follows confused also, the unfair treatment that Chinese team undergoes is stupefied is not utter a word and tactics is made and line of support enmity sound also is on choose and employ persons; Next the player does not give power! Probably they need this kind to grow but cost is a bit big, who receives next allowing besides Yi Jianlian old standard this is a kind of inheritance: Arrive to big Zhi Zai from big Yao A couplet in the future? It is Guo Ailun probably can not look to take up the post of He Dongxi in the hand, not be to say bad however not quite good all players did not reach that one level on same scratch line so Chinese team is on world stage by firm hammer (Yao Ming has most greatly, big Zhi Youa couplet, where is A couplet? Not ah)

So is Chairman Yao reform right? It is right for certain, he is to hope Chinese male basket can develop an Asia to move toward the world, after all the experience of oneself also is in admonish, but you do not have method for itself of this kind of reform very hard, how be to want with respect to how? Chairman Yao also does not have the such miserable intense that thinks of Chinese team can be defeated, if march 16 can drive reform by force to also can affect a lot of children of Chinese to move toward this road for certain so; Can be defeated now, than who Chairman Yao affirmation is sad after all he also cannot put on go into battle of polo shirt a suit of armour, player and coach can not have what idea to force. To this I still support Chairman Yao quite, it is to had thought really after all.

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